Royal Family KIDS

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27
Confronting Abuse. Changing Lives.

Child Abuse

It has been an unspoken fact for centuries that there is no accurate statistic with regards to child abuse. Nobody really knows how many children are being hurt and abandoned daily. Statistics should not matter though, should it? Would it mitigate the severity of the facts, if there were statistics to substantiate them? Would an accurate survey make it easier for the children that are being abused? It most certainly would not. At Royal Family Kids, we are of the opinion that just one case of abuse is already one too many. Unfortunately, the reality is harsh evidence. Every day, millions of children across the globe are subjected to severe abuse, astonishing neglect and terrible abandonment. Sadly, their cries are mostly unheard. And even though the severity of the abuse and neglect may vary, the consequences remain universal: it destroys lives. And as far as the future goes, statistics don’t matter. Lives do!

The Royal Family KIDS Initiative

This beautiful success story encompasses everything that Royal Family Kids embodies and the vision was birthed in America in 1985 by Wayne & Diane Tesch. Irrespective of the amazing platforms that was established for the protection and rescue of abused children, child abuse statistics at that stage was still shocking and on the increase. Wayne & Diane, with the support and covering of their church, decided to host a camp for abused and neglected children and that was where the model of Royal Family Kids was born and more of these camps were established, the success stories that came from the children who attended camps were absolutely phenomenal. This was how Royal Family Kids found its roots. Royal Family Kids came to South African shores in 2000, and since then multiple camps have been established throughout the country.